Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation

JDCF is a non-profit land conservancy whose mission is to preserve and steward land and water for the lasting well-being of all people and wildlife in and around Jo Daviess County, IL.

They accomplish this mission by:

Educating people about land stewardship and resource conservation.
Creating public nature preserves for passive outdoor recreation that are accessible to all, free of charge.
Working with willing landowners through conservation easements and land donations.
Partnering with other like-minded organizations.

  • Protect The Earth

    In order to protect and preserve the earth for future generations, we need to reduce the amount of harm that human activities have on the environment and support the natural world as much as we can. Solar Power can be a great way to start protecting the Earth for the future.

  • Protect Wildlife

    Protecting and preserving wildlife for future generations means that the animals we love don’t become a distant memory and we can maintain a healthy and functional ecosystem for years to come. Preservation of these habitats helps to prevent the entire ecosystem being harmed.

  • Protect Human Health

    A lot of the medicines that we use as humans are also derived from chemicals that are produced by animals or plants. So by protecting nature we also protect the lifesaving drugs we rely upon. We cannot be healthy in an unhealthy environment. It is in our own best interests to preserve the natural world as much as we can.

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